Thoughts on Birkenstocks by Peter Minkoff

2017 brought to us many unusual trends that mix the formal and the sporty, and returned a big portion of the 90’s and 00’s fashion, and sandals is one of them. But, how can you wear Birkenstock (perhaps the best looking male sandals of them all) without looking like a dork? The line between that and a fashionable person is very thin, so let us help you and clarify a couple of things:

What are Birkenstock shoes?

Don’t make a mistake – Birkenstock shoes is not a style of footwear, it’s an actual brand that, thanks to their long-lasting quality of shoes and orthopaedic nature became very popular. However, all of us have the same picture in mind upon hearing the word Birkenstock – the flat shoe with two buckled straps, which is their most popular model, called “Arizona”. Arizona is not only their most important model of shoes, it is also the model that became very fashionable this year, and is here to stay during the next year as well.

Dorky or trendy?


For a very long time, this type of shoes has been regarded as a taboo, and many of us tended to wear them only in the comfort of our own house or yard. However, if you want to rock them outside the privacy of your four walls, know what you’re getting into since there is a big possibility you’ll be looking quite funny. First of all, the most important tip is that you look confident while you’re wearing them. The new trends dictate that we shouldn’t be scared to wear anything that’s comfortable to us (onesies, anyone?), so basically, there’s no reason why not to wear Birkenstock shoes in public, but make sure to wear them in the right way.

Dress appropriately

If you want to wear Birkenstock shoes to a picnic or a casual Saturday off with friends, then the whole process is quite easy. But, what about if you want to wear them to your favourite coffee place or to the shopping mall? As already mentioned, the first tip is – be confident! Secondly, make sure to dress up for the occasion. If you’re planning to rock these bad boys, then you need to be dressed appropriately. If you pair your Birkenstock shoes with nice chino pants and a patterned blazer, you have yourself a killer look. Also, if you’re wearing them with shorts, you might want to consider wearing them with socks, as it can look quite fashionable. However, a big note: Know which socks to wear them with, as not all of them work. If you are eccentric in the field of fashion, then you’ll have no worries. If, on the other hand, you’re a smart dresser, wearing men’s Birkenstock with socks can be quite a faux pas. Choose nice, calf-length high-quality socks – a great look would be grey socks paired with a grey t-shirt and a denim vest. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing socks, skip them. Note down that you should, under no circumstances, wear long pants and Birkenstock shoes with socks. It’s a big no-no.



Wearing them like you just don’t care is the right thing to do. First of all, it’s up to you how you’re going to match them with your outfit, but if people see you have trouble wearing them and if they sense the lack of confidence (you know how we like to judge), then you’ll just be looking silly. The key is to have another accessory that’s quite cool – perhaps a nice leather watch, or a bunch of necklaces on top of a t-shirt or shirt. Doing this, you’ll show just how stylish you can be in other areas, so the Birkenstock shoes won’t catch everyone’s eye as they’ll see you as someone who can mix various things and can still elicit the “wow” effect.

If you follow these tips, you can wear your favourite shoes anyplace, anytime. Feel the shoes on your feet and in your heart, that’s the most important tip. If someone of your friends tries to mock you, just give them a look and say “Come again next year and tell me that”.