Adam’s Peak LK

Adam’s Peak, Sri Pada. 

Most people find a 2.00 a.m wake-up call very rude, but when in the mountains of Sri Lanka, it is actually very exciting… The ascent to Adam’s Peak is commenced most commonly during the early hours of the morning in order to glimpse the sun breaching the misty horizon at around 6 a.m.DSCF1122 - Version 2.JPG Getting to the top of the 5,500 steps in the darkness of early morning is no mean feat, especially when you are trying to get to the top of the staircase with mounds upon mounds of people (as seen in these images).DSCF1115But when you arrive at the sacred mountain peak where god/the prophet (from apparently most religions) first contacted planet earth, there is an exquisitely powerful atmosphere and sensory experience to be had.DSCF1138DSCF1140When on the tear drop island of Sri Lanka, do yourself a favour and join the pilgrimage to the sacred site of Sri Pada, otherwise known as Adam’s peak. Words and pictures cannot do justice to the experiences and observations you will have on this trek.