Perfect Birthday Gifts for Men


Most men will tell you that buying a birthday gift for someone is their least favorite thing to do. This doesn’t only apply to buying a gift for a lady but getting a present for their mates and other important men in their life. In general, finding something that another person will appreciate is hard and stressful, even with all the rewarding feelings you get when you actually nail the gift-buying and witness the happiness on the receiver’s face. Still, if you’re really clueless about what a perfect gift for a man would be, regardless of your gender, check out the following list and you might find some helpful advice to solve your dilemma.

Shaving and beard care necessities

If the guy you’re buying a gift for is always clean-shaved, your safest bet would be to get him a nice shaving kit full of good-quality products that he would actually use. A great performance razor together with some shaving foam and after-shave lotion would definitely mean a lot to someone who shaves on daily basis. On the other hand, if the person you’re buying a gift for likes to rock the beard trend, you can fill your present box with beard care oils, special beard trimmers and beard combs that would make his routine and precious beard all the more flattering.

A top-notch watch


There’s nothing more attractive than a man who’s stylish and knows his accessories – or at least that’s what most women claim. While most men won’t really like rings and necklaces, no matter how cool these are, a good-quality watch is definitely something that all men value. If you want to give a watch as a gift, make sure to pick one with a masculine vibe, that’s elegant and simple and therefore universal for various occasions.

Gift for a sports fan

If you know that the birthday boy is into a certain sport, your options for a birthday gift have just exploded. Men really appreciate receiving something that would upgrade their performance. For example, if he’s into sports that put a lot of strain on the ankles and joints, supportive sports wraps can be a great gift. What’s more, any sports lover would appreciate the thought when receiving a new water bottle (there are many unique ones on the market), sweat towel, equipment bag, etc. If the birthday boy is a fitness junkie, getting him some really healthy fitness supplements is also a good way to show that you care and support him.

Tailored Suit


It’s highly unlikely that there would be anyone who wouldn’t be overjoyed to receive a gift that’s made just for him. While custom suits are a really great gift, you should always consider whether the man you’re getting a gift for is actually a fan of wearing it. If he’s not, rest assured that he would be very happy to receive a tailored shirt or a jacket. Bow ties or ties are also a useful gift to consider, especially if he likes to style up his suits.

Perfect for a music lover

This type of gift is more personal, but let’s assume that you actually know the music taste of the guy who’s soon to celebrate his birthday. Since we’re speaking in general terms here, it can be said that, while both genders enjoy music equally, men appreciate the old-fashioned style a bit more. In this regard, getting him some old music vinyl records of his favorite bands and musicians is a sure way to make his day even better. Just make sure he actually has something to play the records on.

Remember, when buying a birthday gift for someone it has to be about them and not about you. While personal gifts are always appreciated, make sure to get the birthday boy something practical and useful if you don’t have the best knowledge of his likes and dislikes.


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