Learn French

Learn to speak one of the most stylish, valuable, languages in the world?

If you are interested in learning French, for university level tutoring or basic conversation, Charlie Hall offers accessible, private, language tuition via Skype video sessions.

I have a rich experience and knowledge of the French and Swiss-French culture and have been tutoring French for five years now. I offer lessons via Skype video calls so the learning is accessible wherever you (or I) are in the world. Sometimes if we are in the same city we could organise face to face 1 hour sessions at a cafe or library, but online Skype sessions are generally a more viable option given uncertainty of schedule.

Muse du Louvre, Paris

Always, we have a 30 minute introductory Skype session to get to know each other and sample the learning format over Skype. If you are interested in continuing to learn French (or improve your English) with me in this way, I offer casual lessons for $40.00 USD per hour (approx. £30 or €35) , or 10 lesson blocks, in 1 hour lessons, for $350.00 USD (approx. £270 or €300).

Contact me on: info@charlesanthonyofficial.com to organise a time for the free introductory session.

Casual 1 Hour Session

1 X (1 hour) Lesson. We can focus on any of your specific requirements or follow the lesson plans in a casual week by week approach.



Contact: info@charlesanthonyofficial.com to organise a time for the free introductory Skype session and we can take it from there.

Monaco, French Riviera

Comments and Reviews:

Miss B H.O.D French Matthew Flinders Anglican College Buderim 
I am very proud of Charlie. He has proved that everything is possible! In only 5 years, Charlie became fluent in French and for me it is one of the best example of my teaching career!!
Great Tutor.. enjoyable lessons, very supportive and helpful. explain french with great details and examples. I was failing my level 3 French before I met Charlie, he managed to help and guide me through those nasty french conjugations and grammars. Although I still need improvement on my oral, I am glad to say my french writing ability has improved tremendously after I had tuition with Charlie. He can spot your weakness and is very patient in explaining the details.
Saskia Brunet 
Fantastic tutor and wonderfully talented in understanding and teaching the French language. I had very little knowledge of speaking French, nothing was too basic for Charlie to teach and he was wonderfully patient and encouraging. I’m confident with a number of common phrases, words and numbers now and would highly recommend Charlie to anyone seeking French speaking lessons.

Ameliorer votre Anglais;

Même si vous êtes Français et vous voulez pratiquer et apprendre l’Anglais, ou, il vous faut de l’aide avec le traduction d’un dossier, ça serait avec plaisir que je vous aiderais. N’hésitez pas de me contacter.