Lauterbrunnen, CH


Catching a connecting train from Interlacken to Lauterbrunnen is the best way to place yourself in the heart of Switzerland. Here you will find the gorgeous mountainous landscape that pervades many European postcards. From here, I recommend packing a picnic and catching the train to Jungfrau. NB: do not book a return ticket, instead, walk down through the mountains back to Lauterbrunnen as we are pictured doing above.


This is the type of landscape to observe on the ascent to Jungfraujoch.



IMG_2542We mixed walking with mountain biking in order to descend from the snowcapped mountain tops, to the snug little farming valley below.IMG_2357



For us, Lauterbrunnen captured the essence of Swiss mountain landscape. The Charles Anthony rating for Lauterbrunnen- where natural beauty and outdoor adventure activity is concerned – is 10/10!