Knuckles, LK

If hiking, camping, fresh food (especially fruit), rice fields, tea terraces, waterfalls, and, mountain sound are all things which call out to you, then trekking through the Knuckles Mountain landscape and traversing these mountain chains by foot will be right up your alley.IMG_2658IMG_2820IMG_2828

IMG_2949 2IMG_2549

IMG_2672The Charles Anthony recommendation for this tropical hiking adventure is 9/10. Knuckles loses 1 point for the pervasive leeches on the hiking trails leading to the waterfalls.IMG_2578IMG_2585Nonetheless, this was such a special place to visit. Wherever we passed, banana trees, coconuts, ceylon tea, red paw paws, cacao beans (and the likes) were busting out of the forests and onto the trails. We dry roasted fresh cocoa pods and made hot chocolate at camp, and even made tea from hand picked and dried green tea tendrils on a wood stove fire.