Insights with the Designer of Urbbana

Left – Right: Sam Abi & Charlie Hall

During a recent fashion show for Urbbana , we had an opportunity to discuss the topics of fashion and style with designer and owner of Urbbana, Sam Abi.

Seen here is Charlie Hall wearing garments designed by Sam Abi, Urbbana. The materials for this high quality menswear are sourced from overseas, notably Italy and Turkey. The lovely cut of waistcoat and tie, colour scheme, and overall look demonstrated here (see left) is an example of the type of quality by Urbbana.

Mr Abi shared his thoughts that fashion and style are distinctly different. The point of difference being that style is something which is individual and lasts forever whereas fashion is a transient and fickle thing, always changing with the seasons, the designers, the trends, and the time.

‘Something which is fashionable here in Australia may last for 4-5 years at best, but the trends turn over much faster in places such as New York, London, Paris, and Milano.’

The subject of style, however, is something which suits an individual’s look and lasts for as long as they want it to last, and changes as often as they want it to change.

Hopefully this catalyses your thoughts on your style.