Fashion and Style 2017


*Posts start from the end of the calendar year and work backwards.

December 2017

Guest author Peter Minkoff shares his article on how to wear Birkenstocks and look good, in case you had any troubles… Read more here.

December 2017

Shooting the cover story and editorial for the Spring issue of American magazine Gladys this month in Belgrade. International director of photography for Gladys and Wall Street Journal contributor Djordje Bukvic is responsible for directing this project and casting a team of six international models and personalities from Australia, America and Serbia including singer Maya Berovic, MBA basketball player James Faldeine, Rugby player Stefan Stevanovic, influencer Anastasija Djuric, female model Jelena Doncic (most recently in Vogue India), and myself. Photos of behind the scenes production (All clothes by designers Ivana Nikolic, Bata Spasojevic Individual, and Teodora Pašilić);


Whilst finishing fourth year exams, thesis and graduating medical imaging, this was the only Fashion and Style I can be reporting on this month;

October 2017

The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival’s 10th anniversary was this year and I feel so proud to have been chosen as the face of this fashion event- the first male in the world to be the ambassador of a fashion week/festival. Guests of SCFF hailed it the most significant year yet. Watching a video of the finale helps verify these claims. Some photos from top to bottom, walking for Ali Charisma Hommes (Indonesia), Sunman (Germany), MYER (Australia), and the finale;

September 2017

Below I am seen walking for Victoria Notoa.

Had a great time at New Zealand Fashion Week 2017!!! Was lucky enough to walk for SupretteXGo Media, Victoria Notoa and Thanushi Marage. See you again soon Auckland!

In this trip to Auckland I was lucky enough to shoot with Maddison Michelle :


Flew into Auckland early this month to cast for New Zealand Fashion Week 2017. Fingers crossed to be flying back to NZ for fashion week next month!

Was really nice to catch up with the great  AnnuPam at the castings!


So lucky to have had the chance to be interview for My Weekly Preview Magazine! Photo credit to Shots by Gun. Check it out:


Front cover and fashion editorial: The Man About Town, in the August Edition of The Model Magazine. This editorial was great fun to shoot with Theresa Hall and styling by Skye Giles from Buddy Valentine Styling.


After interviewing for the role, I am delighted to have been chosen as the first ever male model ambassador for the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival, in it’s 10th year!!! In this photo-shoot as the face of the fashion festival, stylists, MUA, hair, dressers, photographers, cinematographers, and assistants, were all on set! Here I am wearing Myer and Gucci, shot at the Sebel Pelican Waters by Paul Fletcher from Fletcher Photography.

On the front page of the SCFF webpage- get some tickets!


Behind the scenes picture from a partnered photo-shoot for a new brand of wooden, 100% recyclable sunglasses – to be released shortly on the Australian market! Very exciting.


In Sydney shooting the American Crew All Star Challenge, with photography and make-up by Fred Le Marche, hair styling by Paul Geronimo at Alan Buki Salon for Originial Mineral.


Was lucky enough to model in the runway show – Nights in Paradise – directed by The Rebel Collective on the Gold Coast this month. Models walked for; RipCurl, Quicksilver, Surf Dive n Ski, Destination_4217 and SixtyFour.


Shooting with Leslie Liu in Sydney.


All of the different brown tones. Rust and bone. Shooting with Haluk Baysal in Sydney.

Feeling very privileged to have shot with Gun for the third time in 12 months.

Studio shoot with with Luke Cheung.

Had a really great time shooting with the talented professional photographer – Jaydon Cabe. Our editorial shoot was different and intriguing!

January 2017

When you’re going out on a date, the first impression is what matters the most. For this reason it’s very important to choose the outfit wisely, since it can say a lot about you, even before you have a chance to open your mouth and say “Hi”. So, in order to avoid the look that would make a girl think “Run while you still can!”we have prepared a short guide to the first date outfit. – Guest Author, Peter Minkoff.