Interesting articles about current states in medical field.

A very important distinction to make is that medicine is concerned with treating illness and disease, and not prophylactic maintenance and creation of good health. As a radiographer and sonographer working in radiology I have a unique vantage point to see patients in varying states of health and am most intrigued by the phycological component of disease, health and wellbeing. Our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs directly impact our physical and emotional state. Charles Anthony Medical is more concerned with medicine as in disease prophylaxis and creation of good health, although much scientific medical literature is incorporated.

Article by Charles Anthony: The impact of patient body mass index on operator radiation dose during single vessel percutaneous coronary intervention in the cardiac catheter laboratory. View abstract.

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Review by Charles Anthony; the current state of literature and evidence based body regarding the role of ultrasound in the diagnosis of paediatric appendicitis.


Interesting article about skin regeneration in burns cases.

Advancements in Regenerative Strategies in Through the Continuum of Burn Care by Randolph Stone et al. 2018.


Burns are caused by several mechanisms including flame, scald, chemical, electrical, and ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Approximately half a million burn cases are registered annually, of which 40 thousand patients are hospitalized and receive definitive treatment. Burn care is very resource intensive as the treatment regimens and length of hospitalization are substantial. Burn wounds are classified based on depth as superficial (first degree), partial-thickness (second degree), or full-thickness (third degree), which determines the treatment necessary for successful healing. The goal of burn wound care is to fully restore the barrier function of the tissue as quickly as possible while minimizing infection, scarring, and contracture. The aim of this review is to highlight how tissue engineering and regenerative medicine strategies are being used to address the unique challenges of burn wound healing and define the current gaps in care for both partial- and full-thickness burn injuries. This review will present the current standard of care (SOC) and provide information on various treatment options that have been tested pre-clinically or are currently in clinical trials. Due to the complexity of burn wound healing compared to other skin injuries, burn specific treatment regimens must be developed. Recently, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine strategies have been developed to improve skin regeneration that can restore normal skin physiology and limit adverse outcomes, such as infection, delayed re-epithelialization, and scarring. Our emphasis will be centered on how current clinical and pre-clinical research of pharmacological agents, biomaterials, and cellular-based therapies can be applied throughout the continuum of burn care by targeting the stages of wound healing: hemostasis, inflammation, cell proliferation, and matrix remodeling.

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T2 weighted axial oblique brain MRI

‘Medicine’… to fix illness.

The better way would be to never get sick?

The mind has an incredible and veritable effect on the body. Our thoughts directly affect our physical state- anything for our health is possible.

Our mind, to where does it pertain in the physical anatomy of our brain? Amongst the specialities radiology provides an excellent insight into the physical architecture of the brain, and its function, to an extent. But where does the thought start and finish? Where does it come from? And how is it then affecting our body?

Modern medicine is curing disease in marvellous ways, I particularly like the aspect of medicine which involves directly repairing and restoring normal body function, but, before getting to such a point requiring medical intervention, certainly we could have control over our physical health status, starting primarily with the mind and emotions.

More thoughts to come on this. cf energy and non-verbal communication.